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Electrical elevator

In cases where the application of machine room available, up above the lift shaft. Lift machine can be an option with gear or gearless. Lifts are not limited to building height.
Microprocessor control panel with VVVF controlled machine and fine car speed control.

A large range of solutions for both personal and goods lifts, suitable for installation in both residential and commercial buildings, hospitals, shopping center …

Possibility of a large number of design this system.

Tehnical Specification

# Values
Capacity 320-2000 kg
Entrances 2-16
Car, width 800-2000 mm
Car, depth 800-2400 mm
Travel 3-45 m
Speed 0,6-1-1,6 m/s
Pit depth 1000-1700 mm
Overhead 3400-4500 mm
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