Elevator for cars

These lifts are used to transport vehicles with passengers. Used in public garages, shopping malls and other facilities. Lift call is with remote control, which allows comfortable operation of the lift from your car. Usable area, the dimensions of the doors and cabins are such that car entry and exit can be done smoothly.

Automatic holding cabin door with infrared lightcurtain door alow door opening time longer than usual. Cabin stays at the station during the car entry and exit, allowing safer and more comfortable car maneuver.

Tehnical Specification

# Values
Capacity 3000-6000 kg
Entrances 2-4
Car, width 2300-3300 mm
Car, depth 4600-6000 mm
Travel 3-15 m
Speed 0,15-0,60 m/s
Pit depth 1250-1500 mm
Overhead 3400-3500 mm
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