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MRL Elevator

Advantage of the MRL electrical personal lifts, is that there is no need for machine room, above lifts shaft. That is a great option for modernization of already existing lifts, with which we reduce investment costs in general.

Lift can be installed in the existing shaft, which can be made ​​of different materials: concrete, steel, concrete/steel combination, which enables one or more sides are made as panoramic.

Possibility of a large number of design this system.

Tehnical Specification

# Values
Capacity 320-2000 kg
Entrances 2-10
Car, width 800-1400 mm
Car, depth 800-2400 mm
Travel 3-30 m
Speed 1-1,6 m/s
Pit depth 1000-1700 mm
Overhead 3400-4500 mm
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